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The Walls of Thessaloniki

The Walls of Thessaloniki date back to the 4th century BC.
They are built with Byzantine architecture and protected the city’s inhabitants from enemies.

The Walls of Thessaloniki

Rotunda of St. George

Rotunda of Agios Georgios was built around 304 BC. It was originally intended to be for Caesar’s Mausoleum of Galerius. When Christianity prevailed, it become a Christian temple. It got its name from Agios Georgios, the small church next to it, while Rotunda was named because of its circular shape.

The old Latamou Monastery

The old Latamou Monastery was built in the beginning of the 6th century and it is located in Ano Poli of Thessaloniki. Today, it is named the ‘’Temple of Saint David’’. It is mostly known for its famous mosaics from the sanctuary apse, in which the vision of the prophet Ezekiel is depicted.

Latomou Monastery
Agios Dimitrios

The Church of Agios Dimitrios

The church of Agios Dimitrios was built in the 5th century on the spot where the Saint was imprisoned and died. It was hit from fire twice, one in 7th century, and one in 1917, in which the church was almost entirly destroyed. The church has been attacked many times by both the Saracens and later, from the Vikings, whereas it was turned into a mosque by the Turkish.